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Job: Administrative Support Specialist

This posting has expired and is no longer available.

Job Description

JOB SUMMARY: Administrative Support assists all departments within Health Choice, by sorting, distributing, scanning, sending and batching all mail that is received. They also assist with supplies, leased machines (fax, copy, printers, etc,.) and maintaining the break rooms. Preparing large printing and mail out jobs is an essential part of this position in addition to any other clerical functions that need to be completed.

Job Responsibility: Maintain workflow and prepare all incoming paper claims submissions for claims processing:
* Sort and distribute incoming mail and faxes, as well as incoming paper claims
* Scan all sorted mail batches.
* Send/receive packages and mail via FedEX, UPS, DHL and USPS.
* Mark and place electronic reports into corresponding folders.
* Quality Assurance each claim submission for accuracy.
Organize and maintain claims/record files and prepare all monthly mail outs.
* Electronically file claim packs in Julian date and claim category order.
* Mail out monthly letters to members from all departments.
* Ensure receipt of provider rosters and required monthly letters from EPSDT, Dental, Maternal and letters from HC employees that work remotely.
* Mail informational letters for providers and members as requested.
Facilitate retrieval of all requested claims/records and maintain materials.
* Pull claim/record requests and distribute
* Refile all original records and any additional new documents or revisions that pertain to that claim.
* Escort any vendors or repairman throughout the office.
* Deliver office supplies for the company once per week.
* Assist with maintaining company leased machines such as copier/fax machines and
Assist claims staff in copying/scanning claims related information and performing other clerical duties as assigned:
* Copy and collate any documents for distribution
* Fax or mail information prepared by claims staff
* Save scanned claims into the electronic filing system

Expected Outcomes:
* Claims are sorted and electronically filed accurately to facilitate efficiency in file location and retrieval.
* All mail and packages are sorted and distributed daily.
* File room is kept neat and orderly
* All electronic claims are placed in the correct folders.
* Monthly letters are put through ACCUZIP as required by USPS to ensure correct addresses.
* Members receive mail in a timely manner.
* Providers receive updated rosters and information letters.
* Prompt responsiveness to claims requests which promotes compliance.
* Original records may only be released when approved by Claims Supervisor/Director to keep record maintenance intact.
* Necessary repairs and maintenance is completed or repairman is called for machine malfunctions.
* Willingness to help others is exhibited by team members.
* Team cooperation is implemented for clerical duties
* Comply with procedures, rules and HIPAA regulations.
* Additional duties are met with a positive attitude
* Supplies are organized and easily located
* All machines and work surfaces are cleaned daily.
* Duties are completed in the established time frame
Contributes to team effort:
* Welcomes new and different work requirements;
* Explores new opportunities to add value to the organization;
* Enhances job knowledge; assists and interacts with others to accomplish job related     results.
* Interacts and communicates with other staff/departments mainly about job related issues.
Is willing to help others, and is courteous and responsive

Health Choice exists to improve the health and well-being of the individuals we serve through our health plans, integrated delivery systems and managed care solutions. We strive to recruit and retain only the finest health care professionals with the highest levels of integrity, compassion and competency. If you are driven by your own personal commitment to these values and desire to work in a team-focused, collaborative and supportive environment - while still being valued for your individual strengths - Health Choice is the place for you.

Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Veterans/Disabled


Professional Competencies (knowledge, skills, and abilities):
* Ability to multi task
* Strong organizational and time management skills.
* Team player.
* Computer literacy
* Is willing to help others, and Is courteous and responsive

Ensures attendance and Punctuality:
* Adheres to scheduled work hours and lunch times, has no unexcused absenteeism

Education: High School Diploma or equivalent GED preferred

Experience: At least one (1) year clerical experience in an office environment

Certification and License: None required