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Job: Accounts Payable Clerk

This posting has expired and is no longer available.

Job Description


Responsible for the accounts payable function representing the St. Joseph Medical Center Accounts Payable Department.  This position's responsibilities include: (1) Efficient processing of purchase order related invoices and non-purchase order related invoices including check requests, employee expense reimbursements and petty cash reimbursements (2) Establishing and maintaining communication between the accounts payable department and customers to assure accounts payable needs are met timely and accurately (3) Assuring accuracy of expenses are recorded or accrued  (4) Review of vendor account balances to assure all invoices are paid in a timely manner. 



1.                  Consistently supports and communicates the Mission, Vision and Values of St. Joseph Medical Center.


2.         Follows the St. Joseph Medical Center Guidelines related to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), designed to prevent or detect unauthorized disclosure of Protected Health Information (PHI).


3.         Promotes a culture of safety for patients and employees through proper identification, proper reporting, documentation and prevention of medical errors in a non-punitive environment.


4.                  Entry of purchase order related invoices and non-purchase order related invoices including check requests, employee expense reimbursements and petty cash reimbursements. Documenting correspondence with vendors and responding timely to inquiry.


5.                  Verification of entity name, remittance address, and tax identification existing in the accounts payable system on vendors to assure proper 1099 reporting requirements.


6.                  Maintaining contract files representing contractual obligations existing with vendors or employees.


7.                  Communication with the Purchasing Department identifying discrepancies existing with purchase order related invoices via the review of the Payable Exception Status Report i.e. quantity discrepancies and pricing discrepancies and non-purchase order related invoices which should be processed via a purchase order.  Responsible for clearing these discrepancies in a timely manner.


8.                  Review and clearing of Received Not Invoiced Report on a monthly basis.  Responsible for clearing these entries in a timely manner.


9.                  Processing and data entry of demand check requests as warranted according to the hospital’s Accounting Policies and Procedures.


10.              Reconciliation of vendor statements in a timely manner assuring all vendor accounts and maintain current payable status and retaining documentation of the review.


11.              Communication with customers to assure accounts payable needs are met timely and accurately.


12.              Maintaining files pertaining to accounts payable related activities i.e. reports, logs, correspondence, contracts, recurring payments, vendor statements, and signature approval authority listings.


13.              Daily batching and balancing of invoices entered into the system.


14.              Daily matching of invoices to checks including verification of vendor name, vendor remittance address, invoice number, purchase order number if applicable, description, and dollar amount.


15.              Educating and training other Accounts Payable Specialists.


16.              Perform special projects as required and assist other department personnel as needed.


17.       Supportive of the compliance program set forth by IASIS and demonstrated by:

a.       Upholds the Standards of Conduct and Corporate Compliance.

b.      Adheres to and helps to enforce all compliance policies relevant to his/her area.

c.       Assures timely compliance education as requested by the Regional Compliance & Safety Officer and/or through corporate initiatives.

18.       Sets an example to all staff in their daily activities.




·         Minimum of 5-10 years accounts payable experience preferable.

·         Hospital experience of 2 years of related experience.

·         Proficient in Microsoft products, particularly in the use of Excel.



·                  N/A  



·               High School Diploma or equivalent

·               College level courses in business administration or accounting preferred.